Asterman: Bringing The 2019 European Games Mascot to Life

The 2020 European Games mascot was brought alive by Asterman Digital Production using the Prime Xsens glove together with an Xsens suit. During the official presentation “The Flame of Peace”, the 3D-model of the mascot Lesik accompanied the participants as the co-host.

Rendered in real-time with Unity 3D
Asterman adopted Xsens MVN Animate to render the mascot in real-time, creating a CG co-host. Motion capture has to include accurate face, body and hand tracking. The Xsens MVN suit was used to record body movement, while the Prime Xsens gloves captured accurate hand and finger movement. Together with facial motion capture, these products brought the mascot Lesik alive. The production was completed within two days, by using user-friendly motion capture technologies provided by Manus VR and Xsens. The actor playing Lesik was based in a small room behind the live stage. He was able to react to every question instantly by watching the audience via broadcast. There was no need for a large-scale setup.

Manus Gloves

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