Motion Capture for the UK Army

Industry: Defence

System: IGS-180i & Jack Driver

Animazoo is pleased to announce that the UK Army has selected an Animazoo IGS-180 Motion capture system for use at its Land Forces HQ in Hampshire, UK.

HQ Land Forces is located at Andover in Hampshire and commands almost 100% of the Army’s fighting capability.

HQ Land Forces’ role is to deliver and sustain the Army’s operational capability, whenever required throughout the world, and the Command comprises of all operational troops in Great Britain, Germany, Nepal and Brunei, together with the Army Training Teams in Canada, Belize and Kenya. This includes providing equipment including tanks, attack helicopters and infantry vehicles.

Land Forces HQ plan to use the Animazoo Motion Capture system to enhance their training and educational materials. The training of UK troops and base commanders is a top priority for Land Forces HQ and 3D animation and visualisation is helping to demonstrate new techniques and lessons learned in a more user friendly and intuitive way.

The Animazoo motion capture suit will help generate more realistic simulations and training materials which will improve the capabilities of our forces whilst reducing costs.

IGS-180 is an ideal motion capture solution for the Land forces requirements because of its flexibility” commented Mark Lewis, Animazoo Head of Sales. “The Mocap system that the Design Lab selected can be used in any location without the need for a studio set up. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the success and well-being of our armed forces and look forward to a long working relationship with the Land Forces Design Lab.

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