Škoda: The Ultimate Driving Experience

The process of designing a new product can be difficult and long. When the product is finally finished, you want to present it to the public in the right way. For the introduction of the Škoda Vision E, a brand new concept car, an immersive VR experience was built to let the audience drive the car in the virtual world.

Releasing your latest product in mixed reality
How do you show off your new futuristic concept car to a large audience? That’s the question Škoda asked themselves when they released the Vison E concept car. The solution? Virtual reality.
The car manufacturer teamed up with PresentiGO, a Czech technology startup. Together they created a mixed reality experience, where users can drive the Vision E through a futuristic world in VR. The biggest challenge was getting the users to be able to naturally interact with the simulator that was built for the experience.

Overcoming obstacles: VR versus the physical world
Interacting with real life objects while in VR requires your hands to be freely used. Unlike controllers, the Manus VR Gloves have no restrictions while working in virtual or mixed reality. Interacting with real life props such as a steering wheel or buttons is easy and can be done without limitations. With the Manus VR Gloves, users were able to drive around in PresentiGO’s futuristic environment, while all hand data could be saved and analysed by Škoda. Škoda’s Vision E experience was shown in 2017 at the IAA in Frankfurt, the world’s largest motor show.

About PresentiGO
PRESENTIGO is fast growing US-Czechia based startup with offices in San Francisco and Prague. They developed a next generation presentation sales tool, which enhances possibilities of classic presentations. PresentiGO also works on VR projects, extending complexity, technological savviness and innovation.

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