Continued Growth

Today we are continuing to grow. As Australia’s largest independent reseller of 3D printers, scanners and design software we are proud to work with industry leading brands like Artec 3D, Formlabs, Geomagic, BigRep, Makerbot and many others. As our exceptional team grows our professional services have continued to expand. We provide 3D scanning, design, printing and training whilst our post sales support remains second to none offering hardware maintenance, servicing and repairs.

The Birth of Freedspace Thinglab Tracklab & Vizulab

When Inition sold Freedspace was born. The company is divided into three business divisions; Thinglab, Tracklab and Vizulab. Thinglab provides product sales, services and support in the 3D technologies space. Tracklab specialise in motion tracking. Vizulab is focused on VR and simulation technologies.

Virtual Presence created

Virtual Presence was founded in 1991. They grew to be one of the world’s largest independent VR distributors.