Geomagic Control X

Ensure Quality Everywhere

Geomagic Control X brings the power of 3D scan-based inspection to more people in more places with industry-leading 3D metrology software that makes it easy to capture and interpret scan data.
1 solution for everywhere
7X faster than CMM
80% lower inspection costs


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    Why Geomagic Control X?

    • Easy to learn. Anyone can get results with little or no training.
    • Fast and easy to use. Handle huge data sets quickly and easily with scan-native algorithms built on a CAD kernel.
    • Complete solution. Get all the tools you need for professional-level inspection.
    • Compatible with all 3D scanners. Work with any 3D scanner or PCMM arm.
    Geomagic Control X

    Scan-based and portable CMM inspection
    Scan-based and portable CMM inspection with Geomagic Control X

    What is Geomagic Control X?

    Geomagic® Control X is a professional 3D quality control and dimensional inspection software that lets you capture and process the data from 3D scanners and other portable devices to measure, understand, and communicate inspection results to ensure quality everywhere.

    Inspection isn’t just for metrology specialists. Control X empowers everyone to measure, understand, and make decisions about their parts faster, more often, and more completely—from anywhere.

    • Ensure quality everywhere. Bring the power of 3D scan-based inspection to more people in more places with software that makes it easy to both capture and interpret scan data.
    • Gain deeper insights beyond pass/fail. Scan parts to capture more information and leverage rich data to understand why parts are in or out of tolerance.
    • Optimize manufacturing processes. Recognize and address issues faster with insights gained from comparing scanned parts to CAD models or golden parts.

    What Can You Do with Geomagic Control X?

    Control X includes features to help you ensure quality for each stage of your manufacturing workflow including designing, manufacturing, inspecting, and maintaining.


    • Design for manufacturability.
    • Find and fix problems.


    • Identify and resolve manufacturing and assembly issues.
    • Eliminate costly scrap and rework.


    • Solve your toughest measurement problems.
    • Improve quality documentation.
    • Reduce quality control bottlenecks.


    • Assess damage, deformation, or wear accurately and consistently.
    • Predict part failure before it happens.

    Use Geomagic Control X with Geomagic Design X® reverse-engineering software and Geomagic Wrap®  3D-scanning software for a complete, scan-based design and inspection package.

    Geomagic Control X Features

    +Inspection Viewer

    The Inspection Viewer allows any contributor to analyze a project and create custom reports. The ability for any contributor to analyze and share reports across an organization ensures effective communication.

    • Stakeholders throughout the inspection cycle now have access to inspection data giving them the ability to create their own custom reports.
    • Open Projects and view data with full 3D control and viewing customization.
    • Modify or Create inspection reports with ease to review only the data needed.
    +Probing Workflow

    Large assemblies, heavy equipment and other industrial applications are easily inspected with agile powerful probing capabilities.

    • 20 new geometry probing methods with the flexibility to adapt to challenging feature construction inspection requirements.
    • Ensure fast and accurate inspection of large parts using portable CMMs. With the newly enhanced Move Device functionality, users now have the flexibility and traceability when it comes to repositioning scanning equipment.
    • Easily evaluate each probe point’s influence on inspection results with the updated probe point management system.
    +Simulated CMM Points

    Simulate real-world contact measurements on complex geometry.

    • Automate virtual simulations of anything from fixtures to contact measuring devices using simulated CMM points using your point cloud data.
    +Directional Tolerances

    Accurately identify and understand the root cause of manufacturing errors easily with per-axis inspection.

    • The XYZ components of geometries and dimensions can be individually evaluated, providing clarity on sources of error.
    • Users can now identify root cause errors by isolating each individual axis.
    +3D Sprint File Import

    Import 3D Sprint build files directly into Geomagic Control X.

    • 3D Sprint users can more easily perform metrology workflows on their printed parts by analyzing results relative to their build platforms.
    +Deviation Location

    Quickly and easily scan, analyze, and report deviation location surface defects and variations.

    • Measure major and minor dimensions of surface deviations, which provides more accurate size and location analysis.
    • Quickly identify and measure surface deviation including dents, corrosion, and other types of wear.
    • Use automatic measurements for quick and turn-key inspection.
    +Scan Processing Automation

    Create custom routines for scan processing and minimize user interaction by automatically importing and processing scan data into Geomagic Control X.

    • Use the Automation Server trigger options that provide many ways to send a collection of unmerged scan sets to the inspection project automatically.
    • Implement automated processes individually, automatically, and/or in batches.
    • Create custom scan workflows specific to scanners or routines.

    Use customizable annotation groups for clear appropriate data tailored for each user and application.

    Reduce the clutter and include only relevant dimensions, GD&T call-outs, and general annotations for each feature.

    +Airfoil Analysis
    Whether you are working on turbines, blisks, belongs, or blades,  Control X provides a fast and intuitive way to gather profile measurements including twist analysis. Create automatic or custom profile measurements.
    +Multi-Alignment Inspection

    Create repeatable inspection routines that require measurement in different alignment environments. This is especially useful when inspecting parts that could have large deformations like sheet metal or long-range applications like bowed structures.

    • Auto-create geometry and measure between features using different alignment schemes.
    • Automatically inspect the most deformed parts, like sheet metal or plastic-molded components, with repeatable setup.
    +Custom Reporting

    Easily create inspection reports to analyze your results.

    • Use data table templates for more flexible reporting.
    • Insert result navigator information into reports.
    • Export to a PDF.
    +Intuitive User Interface

    Geomagic Control X has an intuitive user interface (UI) for faster workflows and more-efficient inspection.

    • Create user-specific interfaces and settings to increase usability and simplify interaction with the Custom Profile feature.
    • Create and pair reference geometry with contextual shortcuts that enhance no-CAD and general workflows.
    • Control dimensional annotations like arrows and center marks.
    • Automate dimensional tolerances based on ISO-compliant parameters.
    +Scanning and Importing Capabilities

    Connect to scanning devices and import CAD for even the most-challenging reference models.

    • Scan directly into Control X with popular metrology devices from FARO, Hexagon, Creaform, Nikon, Solutionix, and more.
    • Import legacy control files.
    • Import CAD files.
    • Import geometry from simple text-based formats with the ASCII Reference Geometry importer.
    • Use up to 37 percent less memory when handling scan data.
    +Workflow-Driven Processes and Walk-Up Probing

    Increase productivity with walk-up inspection.

    +CAD-Aware Dimensioning, PMI Support, and Comprehensive GD&T Callouts

    Take advantage of CAD-aware dimensioning, PMI support, and comprehensive GD&T callouts.

    +Multiple Results Analysis

    Analyze multiple results in Geomagic Control X.

    +Repeatable Probing Processes

    Geomagic Control X LiveInspect™ for metrology supports a variety of probing workflows using portable CMM devices.

    • Inspection Preplanning: Create detailed probing processes offline and then connect to your device and press play.
    • Guided or Free Inspection: Measure features in any order or predefine a measurement order. Both methods provide repeatable processes.
    • Walk-up Inspection: Walk up to your device, align, and measure with intuitive probing tools. Then Geomagic Control X will create a plan for you.

    What’s new in Geomagic Control X 2020 video

    What’s New in Geomagic Control X?

    Geomagic Control X 2020 gives you simple and powerful inspection capabilities leading to better decision making, improved efficiency for inspection workflows, and lower overall risks and costs.

    It focuses on making the inspection process easier, allowing access to everyone who participates in the inspection process, and enhancing features to provide greater productivity in metrology workflows.

    • New and updated portable CMM workflows
    • Direction tolerances
    • Inspection viewer
    • Simulated CMM point clouds
    • Object annotations
    • Deviation location update
    • Automation server update
    • 3D Sprint® file support for 3D-printed build inspection

    Geomagic Control X Editions

    Geomagic Control X offers three software packages to best fit your inspection needs

    Package Comparison


    Affordable and Powerful Inspection for Everyone

    Essentials Connect

    Powerful Inspection for Portable CMMs and Scanners


    Professional Inspection for Advanced and Automated Workflows

    Comprehensive Inspection Tools
    (Import, Edit, Align, Extract, Compare)
    Reporting Tools
    Repeatable Inspection Routines
    Direct Plugin Scanning
    Portable Metrology Device Support and Tools
    Automated Inspection
    Multi-Result Inspection
    Surface Defect Inspection Tools
    Native CAD Importer
    Airfoil Analysis

    How Can You Buy Geomagic Control X?

    Geomagic Control X is available as a standalone software license or bundled software license package:

    • Geomagic Control X standalone license: Geomagic Control X with first-year software maintenance
    • Geomagic Design Inspection Suite: Geomagic Control X and Geomagic Design X licenses with first-year software maintenance
    • Geomagic Enterprise Suite: Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Design X, and Geomagic Wrap licenses with first-year software maintenance
    • Geomagic Classroom Elite Suite: Geomagic Control X and Geomagic Design X licenses with three-year software maintenance (education only)

    Geomagic 3D Design Solutions

    Maybe 3D Scanners for scan based design

    Geomagic Control X

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