Form 4

Industrial Parts at Blazing Speed

Most prints in less than 2 hours
Advanced materials for any application
Learn in 15 minutes
Unmatched print success rate
Rivals injection molded parts
Get more done with most prints in under 2 hours.1

1. Prepare
Go from CAD to printing in minutes with just a few clicks using our free PreForm software.

2. Print
Monitor your prints and manage your printers from anywhere with an integrated camera, printer diagnostic tools, and our free Dashboard software.

3. Post-Process
Easy, effective post-processing in just fifteen minutes with quick-release Build Platform Flex, Form Wash, and Form Cure.

4. Finish
Use finished parts as they are or opt to sand, paint, coat, or electroplate them.

1 Typical print time using 80th percentile print height (53mm), 100 μm layer height, and any material

Tackle any problem with our industry-leading materials, or explore more possibilities with Open Platform.

Produce stunning parts that always fit with a surface finish that rivals injection molding.
Form 4 Tech Specs

Low Force DisplayTM (LFD)

Build volume (W x D x H)

20.0 × 12.5 × 21.0 cm | 7.9 × 4.9 × 8.3 in

Layer thickness (Z resolution)

25 – 300 microns

XY resolution

50 microns

Average print speed (100 μm layer height)

40 mm/h

Maximum print speed

100 mm/h

Resin Tank lifetime

75,000+ layers with any Formlabs material

Printer weight

18.3 kg | 40.4 lb

Printer dimensions

39.8 × 36.7 × 55.4 cm | 15.7 × 14.5 × 21.9 in

Warranty and service

One-year warranty included
Paid service and extended warranty options available

Software compatibility

Windows 7 and up
Mac OS X 10.12 and up

File types accepted