Formlabs: Standard Black and White Resins Go Matte

July 25, 2017

The Formlabs in-house materials team are constantly at work adding to and improving their resin library. In January, they released their first matte material: Grey Resin v3, which has since become their most popular resin. Now, they’ve rolled out this smooth matte finish to two more Standard Resins: Black and White.

Read on to find out how to use these updated resins.

Matte Materials for Versatile Modelmaking and Prototyping

Matte materials produce prints with smooth, opaque surfaces ideal for modelmaking and looks-like prototyping. Preferred by architects and product designers, White Resin’s neutral color shows off fine details and is great for iterating on designs when you want to focus on form alone. Prior to the release of matte Grey Resin, Black Resin were Formlabs most popular material, beloved by engineers and designers working on projects like consumer electronics.

With all of Formlabs matte materials, layer lines are less visible, even on 100 micron prints, and thinner features won’t print transparent. Overall, matte resins are excellent for producing prints with a polished, elegant surface finish that requires little to no post-processing.

Priming is still necessary for painting any parts printed in matte materials.

How to Use Black v3 and White v3

The updated Black and White Resins function similarly to their predecessors. If you’d like to reuse resin tanks from v2, remove the earlier resin version from the tank and select “Ignore” to set the new resin type on the Form 2.

For the best results, any v3 resin should be shaken in the cartridge before printing. Printed parts should be put through the standard two isopropyl alcohol (IPA) baths after printing, using the Finish Kit or a rinse cycle in Form Wash. If you find white residue on Black v3 parts after washing, replace the alcohol bath with fresh IPA to eliminate dissolved resin. Remove any residue from parts after drying by brushing with a soft-bristled brush.

As always, be sure you’ve downloaded the latest PreForm release with print settings for Black v3 and White v3.

Standard Resins are designed to be used without post-curing, though the extra step makes Standard parts stronger and generally less tacky. When desired, post-cure settings are the same as the previous versions.

See New Matte Materials

Formlabs are excited to build on the popularity of the updated Grey Resin and offer more matte material options.