German RepRap Launches 4th Generation X400 3D Printer With New Features

September 7, 2017

Feldkirchen near Munich, August 2017 – German RepRap, the leading German manufacturer of FFF (Fused filament fabrication) 3D printers, introduces the innovative X400 v4 for additive manufacturing of large objects as well as for limited industrial-grade production runs.

The new printer’s high-end design and speed (depending on the specific application) are impressive, as is the printing accuracy with a layer thickness of up to 0.1 mm. And even more impressive is the X400 v4’s ultra-quiet operation. High-end components, including milled metal parts and drives with tight tolerances, provide for high repeat accuracy in an industrial-grade machine. Many new features, such as automatic bed leveling and a commercial-grade ventilation design are standard in the X400 v4. The automatic bed-leveling feature means the print bed needs to be calibrated only once, eliminating time-consuming adjustments before each print job. The new ventilation design ensures consistent operating temperatures throughout each job, which, in turn, improves process safety. Several dedicated fans in the printer maintain temperatures in the extruder, around the printed object as well as in the print area. This also improves the processing of materials such as PVA (polyvinyl alcohol).

Another new feature is the filament tracking system, which automatically pauses the active print job when the filament runs out. In addition, the X400 v4 senses variances in extrusion speed that are invisible to the naked eye, and it automatically reacts to secure the printing process and prevent print job cancellation.

Even the electronics used in this printer are designed for exacting industrial users. The new X400 v4 features an integrated industrial-grade computer and can be controlled via touch screen and a USB interface (stand-alone printing). The printer connects to the internet via Ethernet and is controlled through a web browser.

The printer comes with a licensed copy of the Simplify3D software, which contains all the features required for manufacturing industrial-grade objects. Individual parameter settings, adjustable to object geometry, allow for full control over the printing process. The software enables the use of dual extruders for printing a variety of materials and colors as well as for the repeated positioning of different objects in the print area. In addition, separate parameters can be set for printing different parts of a single object.

The user-friendly DD3 dual extruder technology with a full metal hot end tops off the printer’s features. The extruder can be fitted with different nozzles to adjust for various applications and materials to be used. Contact pressure is variable, as well, to facilitate the processing of softer materials.

The new product has proven its reliability in continuous operation. Customers can also opt for a maintenance contract and on-site service by trained technicians. The global network of German RepRap partners assures reliable service and a point of contact for each customer.

The X400 v4 is available globally from German RepRap and their distributors.

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About German RepRap GmbH

German RepRap GmbH, headquartered in Feldkirchen bei München and originally founded as German RepRap Foundation (GRRF) in 2010, is a German manufacturer of industrial 3D printers “Made in Germany.” The company develops and produces 3D printers based on RepRap technology (fused filament fabrication) and markets them in combination with software, filaments, and accessories – directly as well as through a worldwide network of qualified distributors. German RepRap was the first company in Germany to introduce a RepRap-based large-capacity 3D printer for professional applications, the X400. The product line keeps expanding and includes 3D printers for professional use in product development, prototyping, model and mold construction, architecture, and design with a maximum print area of 1000 x 800 x 600 mm (39.4” x 31.5” x 23.6”). Customers around the world include large industrial companies in many sectors, such as automotive, aeronautics, medical devices, machinery and plant engineering and many more, as well as designers, architects, artists, universities and colleges and even discerning private users. For detailed information go to: