Introducing a New Formlabs Form 2 Tank For Long Term Use

September 20, 2017

Formlabs have announced the addition of a second resin tank option for the Form 2. Resin Tank LT is designed for long-term use and is suited for the most demanding 3D printing applications.

An Integrated System for Rigorous, Regular Printing

The Form 2’s integrated resin system, comprised of the resin tank, heater, and cartridge, was created to make material management easy. The removable resin tank maintains a consistent material temperature to ensure successful printing and allows for easy switching and storage. The standard tank has a lifetime of 1-2 L of resin and needs to be replaced regularly.

With a 20x longer lifetime, Resin Tank LT simplifies material management even further. In addition to extending the longevity of the tank, Formlabs have made a few design tweaks—including more accurate printer detection, anti-spill geometry, and easier wiper release—for streamlined workflows.

“LT” is used to designate Formlabs products designed for long-term use, like Dental LT Clear and Resin Tank LT.

Be The First To Try It

We’re excited about this new accessory for the Form 2 and continuing to expand the possibilities around desktop stereolithography!

Resin Tank LT works with all Formlabs materials, and is especially useful for printing at high volumes in a production environment. Some resins, like Dental SG and High Temp, are known to wear down tanks more quickly. For these materials, Formlabs are recommending the Resin Tank LT. Formlabs are also exploring future resin formulations with exciting new properties made possible by this new tank.

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