Elevate Your 3D Printing with Formlabs’ Resin Pumping System

Formlabs continually pushes the boundaries of 3D printing innovation, and their latest addition, the Resin Pumping System, is no exception. Designed for seamless integration with Formlabs SLA printers, this system is a game-changer for professionals in engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, and dental labs. It offers a trifecta of benefits: slashing material costs, dramatically reducing packaging waste, and streamlining the process of changing materials. Let’s dive into how this system is revolutionising the 3D printing workflow.

Cutting Costs, Not Quality

One of the most compelling advantages of the Resin Pumping System is its ability to reduce material costs. In a field where precision and quality are non-negotiable, finding ways to decrease expenses without compromising on output is invaluable. This system ensures that Formlabs SLA printer users can continue producing high-quality prints with industry leading materials while significantly lowering their overheads.

A Step Towards Sustainability

In today’s eco-conscious world, the Resin Pumping System stands out by substantially reducing packaging waste. By minimising the need for individual resin cartridges, Formlabs demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. This initiative not only helps labs and workshops decrease their environmental footprint but also aligns with the growing demand for greener manufacturing practices.

Maximising Efficiency in Material Management

Time is a critical resource in any production environment. The Resin Pumping System addresses this by minimising the downtime associated with changing materials. Its efficient design allows for quick swaps, keeping productivity high and maintaining the workflow’s momentum. For professionals in fast-paced industries, this means less time managing supplies and more time focusing on innovation and design.

Ideal for Formlabs SLA Printer Owners

Whether you’re an engineer prototyping new components, a manufacturer producing bespoke parts, an aerospace professional working on cutting-edge designs, or a dental lab creating precise models, the Resin Pumping System is designed to enhance your work. Its integration with Formlabs SLA printers ensures that it’s not just an add-on but a seamless part of your 3D printing ecosystem.


The Formlabs Resin Pumping System is more than just an accessory; it’s a strategic investment in efficiency, sustainability, and cost-saving. By addressing key operational challenges, it allows professionals across various sectors to leverage their Formlabs SLA printers to their full potential. If you’re looking to elevate your 3D printing capabilities while aligning with environmental and economic goals, this system is your next step forward.

Ready to streamline your 3D printing process with the Resin Pumping System? The Formlabs Resin Pump and 5 Litre Containers can be ordered from Thinglab. Alternatively, contact us to learn more about how this innovative solution can fit into your operations and save both time and money.

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