Streamlining SLS Post-Processing with the Formlabs Fuse Blast

The introduction of the Formlabs Fuse Blast by Formlabs marks a significant advancement in the realm of SLS 3D printing, offering an automated solution to the traditionally manual and time-consuming process of media blasting and polishing SLS printed parts. An affordable, industrial-quality cleaning and polishing system, the Fuse Blast enhances efficiency, part quality, and user experience.

Formlabs Fuse Blast
Stages from post-processing: Raw Part from cake / Media blasted Part / Polished Part

Adding Fuse Blast as a complement to Fuse Sift in the post-processing workflow reduces cleaning time to as little as 15 minutes overall — an 80% reduction in average hands-on labour time. The automated system blasts parts with media as they revolve in a tumbler, efficiently removing loose and semi-sintered powder from the surface to produce a smooth part with no powder residue. Fuse Blast also features an optional polishing system for customer-grade parts that present a smooth, semi-gloss, and dye-ready surface finish.

Although the Fuse Blast is produced by Formlabs it is also the perfect fit for automating the post-processing of polymer powder bed fusion parts from the likes of HP MJF, 3D System SLS, EOS, WeMatter, Sinteratec, Sinterit and so on.

Watch the Formlabs Fuse Blast introduction Video to see what the Fuse Blast

What is the Fuse Blast?

The Fuse Blast is an automated post-processing unit that employs media blasting to clean and finish parts printed with SLS technology. It simplifies the removal of unsintered powder and achieves a uniform, high-quality surface finish, reducing manual labour and streamlining the post-processing workflow.

Key Features:

  • Automated Cleaning and Finishing: The Fuse Blast automates the media blasting process, ensuring consistent and high-quality finishes for SLS printed parts.
  • Integrated Workflow: Designed to integrate smoothly with the Formlabs SLS printing ecosystem, including the Fuse 1+ 30W SLS 3D printer and the Fuse Sift.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Features an intuitive interface and simple operation, making post-processing accessible to users of all skill levels.
Formlabs Fuse Blast
Polished part from a Formlabs Fuse Blast

Benefits of Using the Fuse Blast

Enhanced Efficiency

The automation of the media blasting process significantly reduces the time and effort required for post-processing, allowing for quicker turnaround times from printing to finished product.

Consistent Quality

By standardising the finishing process, the Fuse Blast ensures that each part achieves a consistent, high-quality surface finish, eliminating the variability associated with manual post-processing methods.

Safety and Cleanliness

Designed with user safety in mind, the Fuse Blast contains the media blasting process within a closed system, reducing dust and debris and ensuring a cleaner working environment.


The Fuse Blast is ideal for a wide range of industries utilising SLS 3D printing, from engineering and manufacturing to design and medical devices. Its ability to provide a smooth, professional finish makes it suitable for functional prototypes, end-use parts, and everything in between.

Formlabs Fuse Blast


The Fuse Blast by Formlabs represents a leap forward in the efficiency and quality of SLS 3D printing post-processing. By automating the media blasting process, it not only saves time but also ensures a consistently high-quality finish, elevating the overall quality of SLS printed parts. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to SLS 3D printing, the Fuse Blast offers a streamlined, user-friendly solution to the post-processing challenge.

Interested in enhancing your SLS post-processing workflow with the Fuse Blast? You can watch this FREE on demand webinar on the Fuse Blast or contact us at Thinglab to learn more about how this innovative solution can benefit your 3D printing projects.

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